How Do I Book My Session?
To book your chosen package you can use the online booking form here, or you can contact me via Facebook or email with your details. You will then be contacted to discuss your needs, choose a date and complete the booking process.
How Do I  PaY?
Payment is required via BACS transfer. (No other payment options are currently available)
You will be sent an invoice once you have booked your session date. 
Payment in full is required to confirm the booking.

Cancelations made with more than 72 hours notice before your session time will be refunded 100% of the total package cost.
Cancelations made with fewer than 72 hours notice before your session time will be refunded 75% of the total package cost.
*Please note sessions dates can be amended to a new date at no extra cost.
*Full terms and conditions apply and will be sent prior to completing the booking process.

What to expect from your photography session.
All Wagpurrs sessions start with getting to know your pet. Before the camera leaves the bag it's important to take a bit of time to let your pet get familiar and comfortable with myself and the equipment. The helps ensure you pet is relaxed and happy, allowing the session to be a positive experience for both you and your pet. Your pet's wellbeing will always be at the forefront of the session. 

During this time we will discuss exactly what you want to achieve from the session, what kind of photos you'd like to be taken and your expectations.
When it's time to take the photos we will work together to engage your pet in a fun and relaxed session (utilising favourite toys and treats).  All sessions have a minimum time frame to allow for working at your pet's pace, so please allow for extra time as your session may run over.
After the session your photographs will be processed, once this is complete you will be sent a link to your own personal online gallery, here you can select which photographs you would like. These photos will then go through a final edit.

Depending on which package you choose, your photographs will then be provided to you as either 7x5 inch photo prints or print quality digital files on a memory stick. 
How to prepare for an Outdoor session.
Preparing for an outdoor session will be exactly how you would prepare for a long walk with your dog.

Bring everything you would normally bring for a long walk, be sure to include favourite toys and treats as well as water and poo bags.

It is also highly recommended you come prepared for the unpredictable British weather, please bring shoes/coats that are suitable for all outdoor weather and be prepared for potentially muddy conditions.

Is your session a family pack? Be sure to wear clothes that you are happy to be photographed in! 
How to prepare for an at home session.
If the session you have booked is to take place in your home or garden you will need to clear a suitable area that will be suitable for your session.

A well lit room with at least 1 meter square of clear space is recommended to get the most out of your session. Next to a window that has plenty of natural light source is ideal.

Having some of your pet's favourite toys and treats ready to hand will also help get the most out of your session.

Is your session a family pack? Be sure to wear clothes that you are happy to be photographed in! 
***Please note if your at home session includes cats who have outdoor access please ensure they are kept in from the night before your session. There is no guarantee a session can rearranged at short notice due to a cat not being there without additional cost.
If the weather on the day of your session is less than ideal then your session will be rearranged at no extra cost. I will make the decision on whether the session can go ahead or not and inform you will as much notice as possible.

If the weather takes a turn for the worse during a session, if needed an extra session will be arranged at no extra cost.
Have a question that wasn't answered here? Please contact me via the contact page, through Facebook or by email at
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